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* Suspect arrested in the rape & murder of 7yr old girl missing for only 25 minutes

Police have arrested a 38-year-old man and
charged him with killing a seven-year-old girl who
went missing for only 25 minutes from a
Kentucky youth football game.
Timothy Madden, of the small town of Scottsville
outside Bowling Green, was taken into custody
Friday and is being held in lieu of $1m bail at the
Allen County Jail, authorities said in a statement.
He has been charged with kidnapping resulting in
the victim’s death, rape, sodomy and murder,
according to the Kentucky State Place. No other
details were released about the arrest or the
Gabriella “Gabby” Doolin got separated from her
parents in a crowd at a local football stadium
where the family had gone to see Gabby’s 11-
year-old brother play.
Her name was announced several times over
loudspeakers at the game, but when the child
failed to come forward, the match was
suspended and those inside the stadium spread
out to look for the blonde-haired child.
Her body was found in a creek in a nearby wood
25 minutes later.
The cause of death was drowning and
asphyxiation, authorities said.
The girl’s father, Brian Doolin, expressed fury on
his Facebook page Friday.
“This animal should not be walking and
breathing,” he wrote. “I wish this evil could
be tak(en) off this planet. I have made
plenty of mistakes and sinned in my life, but
NEVER ha(s) this kind of rage entered into
my heart … I’ve tried to stay strong but my
baby girl was always my weakness.”

Source: Mirror online

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